At the International Journal of Social and Humanities Extension(IJSHE), we believe knowledge should be accessible openly and freely to all readers. In order to ensure our scientific content reaches the widest audience; we have subscribed to the open-access model of publication.

What is open access?

Open access refers to ungated online content that is available free of cost and other access barriers.

Readers do not need to pay, login, or register to read articles. They can simply visit the website, look up a particular study, perspective article or video, and read the content, download it, build upon it and share it as long as they give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made, as per the CC BY 4.0 license. 

The benefits of this publication model extend beyond the readiness and accessibility of the content to the readers as it provides authors with a wider reader base, increased reachability, higher research impact, and a citation advantage.

Fee Waivers

Since open access makes content available instantly and freely to readers, it does come at a cost. In International Journal of Social and Humanities Extension,  we started with publication fees that are minimal, making publishing with us affordable, however, we are now in the process of looking for sponsors that will allow us to cover our expenses while guaranteeing high-quality publications and ensuring that no authors or institutions are financially disadvantaged.

As such, authors no longer have to pay any publication fees. Our main goal is to help and teach you how to publish, and we have no interest in financial gain. The sponsors' proceeds will cover our basic expenses, to maintain and grow, our journal and pay for our non-editorial staff (copyeditors, production team, information technology team, etc.).

Our aim is the advancement and promotion of high-quality research. As such, from now on, all publication fees will be waived. We are here for you.